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Research - strategy - design - development

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Technology’s purpose is to familiarize new information. And in this alluring space between abstract invention and concrete realization, the beauty lies in making that dialogue between us and technology enjoyable.

Case: Roundtable, by the 92nd Street NY

Roundtable is live, in-the-moment online courses with respected and passionate experts who give you a place at the table to ask questions and join a discussion. I led their product from inception through launch, where we grew from 0 to $100,000 MRR in 6 months.

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"The platform grew out of 92NY’s renowned adult education program and will feature discussions with Pulitzer Prize winners, Michelin-starred chefs, poets and leaders in academia. There are courses upcoming on Franz Kafka’s drawings; the sights, foods and wines of Northern California; and world politics."
- The New York Times