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Leveraging an existing community to make informed product decisions

How can we take advantage of an existing community to make more informed product decisions?

Roundtable is live, in-the-moment online courses with respected and passionate experts who give you a place at the table to ask questions and join a discussion. I led their product from inception through launch, where we grew from 0 to $100,000 MRR in 6 months.

1) What no-code features can we offer to improve the process of managing in-person and online courses?

Building the best product also means defining what doesn't live in the product and how that process can be best handled.

Program manager <> consumer workflow

The Result: Roundtable administrative operations efficiency improved. One staff commented that the tooling was more organized and efficient than his time at Amazon as a program manager.

Next Step: Determine highest pain points and biggest opportunities to integrate manual workflows into the product

2) How do we stack up to comparable products and who can provide helpful insights?

Rarely do we reinvent the wheel, so it's helpful to call on people who've tackled the same problems you're facing.

Tastemade, Head of Product

Reconstruction, Head of Tech

Twitter, Senior PM

The Result: We saved a ton of hours and headaches by asking others to lend a hand and share their experiences.

Next Step: Continue to ask for feedback from all sources: users, partners, competitors.

3) How can we say no to feature requests? Ex: Can we add Apple Pay and Google Pay for the MVP?

"All of them, everything, all at once" isn't usually the right answer.

The Result: We launched with only credit/debit transactions at checkout. The drop-off rate for conversions was marginally worse than the industry standard.

Next Step: The data showed that the majority of historical digital wallet payments came from international customers via PayPal.

Payment method usage across various countries.

The Final Results:

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